Economy September 21, 2015 | 11:07 am

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After migrants, Dominican Republic-Haiti tension is now ovver trade

After migrants, DominicanRepublic-Haiti tension now turns to business

Santiago.- Santiago Chamberof Commerce president Juan Manuel Ureña on Sunday said they oppose Haiti´s IndustriesAssociation stated support for Port-au-Prince´s ban on imports of manufacturedgoods from Dominican Republic.

The statement by theindustrial leader comes after months of tension between the Hispaniola neighborsunleashed by the deportation of hundreds of undocumented Haitians.

Ureña said theattitude further jeopardize trade ties between the two countries, and alsoviolates bilateral free trade rules and international agreements.

The business leader saidtrade flow has benefited both countries thus far, so the Haitian industries´ supportfor the Haitian government´s decision “isn’t understood.”

Quoted by newspaper ListinDiario, Ureña added that the Haitian industrialists´ support for the ban on importsof Dominican products add tension to ties which he affirms should be based onmutual cooperation.

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