Economy September 23, 2015 | 8:16 am

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Three Metro lines ´finished´ by Aug. 2016 for US$1.9B

Santo Domingo.- The headof the Dominican Republic´s Metro Office (Opret) affirmed Tuesday that DaniloMedina´s administration will finish Santo Domingo Metro´s 3rd line beforeAugust 16, 2016.

Diandino Peña said theconstruction of Santo Domingo´s Metro is among the world´s cheapest.

Interviewed by phoneon Z101-FM, Peña said to build the total 31 kilometers of the three Metro lines,will have cost taxpayers US$1.9 billion, "or 60 million dollars perkilometer."

He said no countryhas ever built a subway line under 90 million dollars in the time it took tobuild Santo Domingo´s lines. "All metro lines range from 90 to 250 milliondollars per kilometer."

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