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Haiti ban on Dominican products chokes US$467.9M trade

Santo Domingo.- Haiti´sunilateral executive order to ban the entry of Dominican 23 products from crossingthe border overland takes effect today Thursday, chocking 88.72% of the US$467.9million yearly trade between the twocountries.

The ban is beingenacted despite the Dominican Government´s request that Haiti to"rethink" the measure, and the European Union´s warning of an impendingjump of 40% on the price of foods and other items in Haiti.

Banned goods

Among the barred productsfigure wheat flour, cement, cooking oil, soap, detergent, packing foam, water,paint and auto body products, butter, rebar and pastas.

Also, PVC pipes, juicepowder, soft drinks, beer, snacks, mattresses, construction equipment, plasticutensils, crackers and biscuits.

The goods may enterHaiti only through the ports at Port au Prince and Cap Haitien, or by air, whichwould raise transport costs.

Border Migration

Port-au-Prince had previouslybanned the entry of chickens, eggs, chicken soups, plantains, bananas, lettuce,carrots, coconut, meats, juices and other Dominican agricultural staples.

The ban would hobblethe bilateral market held Monday and Friday, and limit the border to migrationand for Haitians to cross into towns on the Dominican side for public servicessuch as health and education, Dominican Foreign minister Andrés Navarro said recently.

Quoted, the official said Haitian goods will still cross the border forthe bilateral markets, especially those held in Pedernales, Elias Pina, Jimaniand Dajabon.

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