Economy October 2, 2015 | 11:12 am

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Price of gasoline climbs, gases unchanged

Santo Domingo.- The Industryand Commerce Ministry on Friday posted lower prices on optimum diesel, and higheron gasoline while other fuels remain unchanged.

It also announced thatpremium diesel will no longer be marketed in the country.

For the week from October3 to 9 premium gasoline will cost RD$193.30, or RD$2.70 higher, regular gasolinewill cost RD$175.60, or RD$2.60 more; regular diesel remains unchanged at RD$142.40and optimum diesel will cost RD$152.10, or RD$9.30 less per gallon.

Avtur will still costRD$99.40, the same for kerosene at RD$123.00; fuel oil at RD$77.31, propane gasat RD$80.80 and natural gas RD$28.44 per cubic meter.

The Central Bank´s averageposted exchange rate of RD$45.27 per dollar was used to calculate all fuelprices.

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