Economy October 7, 2015 | 10:26 am

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Cooperation Table: All countries must fight climate change

Santo Domingo.- The 7thInternational Cooperation Table on Climate Change was held Tuesday to engage allcountries toward an economy of low emission to ensure sustainable development.

Ambassadors fromdonor countries, heads of development agencies, government officials and civilsociety representatives attended the conference held at the Sheraton Hotel, headedby the National Climate Change Council and Clean Development Mechanism(CNCCMDL) and the ministries of the Economy and of the Environment.

Presidency deputyminister Zoraima Cuello stressed president Danilo Medina´s recent participationat the UN General Assembly, where he spoke about the mechanisms to deal withthe consequences of climate change.

"PresidentDanilo Medina in his recent participation in the United Nations Assembly statedthat the fight against climate change, poverty and inequality, affect the livesof billions of people,” for which it´s in the Development Agenda set to be accomplishedby 2030.

She said the adoptionof the Development Goals 2030 with its adaptation of sustainable developmentgoals, is a detailed roadmap to find solutions.

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