Economy October 7, 2015 | 8:27 am

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Energy sector must be depoliticized; Utility can disappear

Santo Domingo.- The EconomistIntelligence Unit energy expert John Heath on Tuesday said Dominican Republic´senergy sector must be depoliticized to surmount the hurdles facing the countryin that area.

Of the countries he´se ever visited he called Dominican Republic the most political, activity he affirmsis its biggest business.

Heath said the Stateshould clearly define each agency´s and each actor´s role within theelectricity sector, defining clear policies in all aspects.

He said he was in thecountry 10 years ago to analyze the sector´ s problems and affirmed that there havebeen advancement which cannot be ignored.

John Heath, along withThe Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Latin America editor Anna Szterenfel,presented the report "The Future of Electricity Sector in the DominicanRepublic," with a panel of local experts.

He said it´snecessary to work without favoritism and without the existence of regulated andnon-unregulated areas because in his view it leads to confusion.

CDEEE could disappear

Heath affirmed thatthe State-owned Electric Utility (CDEEE) could disappear in the future, afterthe power sector achieves stability and a proper function.

"I needs it nowbecause its the driver, which will bring about a change of policy and thateverything works properly to allow for future competition from energy suppliersand buyers," he said, adding that that role can change completely overtime.

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