Economy October 16, 2015 | 11:31 am

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Despair at Dominican-Haiti border as market shutout enters 9th day

Dajabón, Dominican Republic.-Nine days of a shuttered Dominican-Haiti binational market has brought despairto both sides of the border as merchants´ profits dwindle and consumers have tobuy foods at inflated prices, local media report.

A carton of eggs whichhad cost from 150 to 200 pesos, surged to 450 pesos, whjile similar jumps onother items have led to rising cases of smuggling of goods such as garlic andrum.

Hundreds of Haitiansflock to the border gate next to the Masacre river bridge trying to enter theDominican side to stock up on products while a group of Dominican merchants callsto reopen the market.

Dajabón merchantshave also blocked the entry of workers to the Binational Free Zone, to pressthe government for a solution to the standoff stemming from Haiti´s ban on the overlandentry of 23 Dominican products into its territory.

Meanwhile Dominican BorderSecurity (Cesfront) agents have conducted raids leading to the confiscation of anSUV that transported cocaine and marijuana at Puesto Cañongo, near Dajabon.

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