Economy October 19, 2015 | 7:42 am

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Dominican Republic resumes border market but Haiti ban stays

Dajabon, Dominican Republic. – Merchants and truckers on Sundayagreed to reopen the binational market on Monday, despite Haiti’ continued banon the entry overland of 23 Dominican products.

The decision was announced after a meeting with the ministersof Industry and Commerce, José del Castillo and of Foreign Affairs AndrésNavarro to find a solution to the standoff resulting from the ban.

During the meeting held in a social club in Dajabon both officialsreceived written proposals from all business sectors in the border town.Castillo said merchants of Dajabón should think about other markets and otherbusinesses and announced that the merchants will be trained on how to sell tothe Dominican government, through a special program on the culture of commerce.

Navarro said he visited Dajabón even to hear insults frompeople in a desperate situation, but that as a public servant he should take itwithout losing his composure.

"Raising one’s voice does not demonstrate firmnessbecause many people confuse firmness with rudeness," he said, and pledgedto convey in the National Palace to the other ministers each of the problems statedby the merchants yesterday.

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