Economy October 22, 2015 | 8:28 am

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A first: Dominicans can now invest in real estate equity

Santo Domingo.- Investorsin Dominican Republic´s securities market now have another option to diversifytheir portfolios, with Malaga trust, the first openly traded trust to offer equityin real estate.

The market milestone isalso another opportunity for the investor.

The trust counts withMalaga´s several premium category properties such as the corporate rentalMálaga I, II and III, offered by Consorcio Malaga, SA.

The office buildings,scattered around the upscale Piantini sector, are worth more than US$8.2million, and all offices are currently occupied except one.

The new formula, contraryto what occurs with government bonds, isn’t an investment in debt, but inequity, in real property instead.

The investor who buysa stake in the trust becomes a co-owner of Malaga´s real properties and obtainsa variable yield, based on the performance which corporate rentals generateover time.

Juan Mustafá is the generalmanager of the trust fund, owned by Inversiones Popular.

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