Economy December 2, 2015 | 8:22 am

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Returning Dominicans get US$3,000 tax break Dec. 1-Jan. 7

Santo Domingo.- The CustomsAgency on Tuesday announced the traditional holidays tax breaks of up toUS$3,000 on all gifts brought by Dominicans living abroad, from December 1 toJanuary 7.

The measure benefits onlythe Dominicans who haven’t visited the country within the last six months.

In a statement Customssaid the gifts can be varied, “but must not have a commercial character” intermsof quantities. For appliances the tax breaks will be provided to only one offrom each type.

“The DominicanGovernment through the General Directorate of Customs makes this type of allowanceas recognition of the important contributions that Dominicans living abroad,”Customs said.

It said due to the airlines´luggage restrictions during the holiday period each traveler can ship the giftsvia couriers and consolidators from December 1 to January 7, at ports andairports. “These gifts may be withdrawn directly by travelers, who must submittheir passports, in addition to meeting the requirements of this law.”

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