Economy December 3, 2015 | 12:57 pm

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Bauxite mine in Dominican SW gets 11-month reprieve

Santo Domingo.- The deadlineissued to the miner Dovenco to extract bauxite in Pedernales has been extended 11months, a decision the government says aims for a more flexible transition towardsthe southwest province´s sustainable tourism development plan as an economicplatform.

Energy and Mines ministerAntonio Isa Conde made the announcement Thursday, and noted that presidentDanilo Medina has kept his promise to the people of Pedernales that thegovernment wouldn’t close one door until another one opens.

Speaking in a NationalPalace press conference the official said another factor that influenced the decisionwas Dovenco´s reported breakdown of its main crane, which the miner affirms couldtake months to fix.

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