Economy December 9, 2015 | 9:08 am

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Steam stack for coal-fired power plants arrives at site

Punta Catalina, DominicanRepublic.- State-owned electric utility CEO Ruben Jimenez on Tuesday receivedthe first of the two steam stacks for the coal-fired power plants being builtat Punta Catalina, Bani (south) which marks the start of a new stage in the megaproject´sconstruction process.

Jimenez said the stack isconsidered a key element, since it´s the first functional component to be installedonce the 72 meter-tall building housing the boiler is completed, and startfitting the high pressure pipes from there.

The official said thestack is a key component in the construction of the 720 megawatt power plants,which proceeds as planned, without major setbacks.

The dome offloaded atHaina port on Monday and which arrived at the site Tuesday is 18.3 meters long;3.1 meters wide; 3.2 meters high, and weighs 201 metric tons (201,000 kilos).

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