Economy December 22, 2015 | 8:42 am

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Dominicans are LatAm´s happiest, report says

Santo Domingo.- The DominicanRepublic is one of the Caribbean basin´s largest economies, says a recentLatinobarómetro 2004-2015 report, which notes that the declining trend of thepeople’s satisfaction with the economy has been favorably reverted, in themeasure that the perception of net progress improves.

It further reveals thatDominicans are the happiest people in Latin America, which in turn is one of Earth´shappiest regions.

Latinobarómetro says DominicanRepublic is the biggest economy in the Caribbean basin and Central America and ninthin Latin America. "Dominicans are located in the region´s upper half,showing a number of positive indicators of democratic development, at the sametime of the impact of political assets and alternation in power."

The report adds thatDominicans are happy, regardless of income and despite that one in two doesn’t makeenough to make ends meet without difficulties at the end of the month.

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