Economy January 5, 2016 | 11:53 am

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Builders hail ´year to develop housing´ executive order

Santo Domingo.- DominicanHousing Builders and Promoters Association (Acoprovi) president Hector Breton onTuesday hailed the Executive Order 389-15declaring 2016 "Year of HousingDevelopment" by decree, issued by president Danilo Medina.

He said the associationaims to consolidate the sector by improving conditions to increase homes construction,promotion, marketing and sales for which the executive branch´s measure is in keepingwith the goal.

"This move is verypositive as it represents the start of institutionalism and a boost to theconstruction and housing development industry, for which Acoprovi appeals toall government agencies to come together to fulfill the president´s desire andcontribute to promote housing, becoming bridges instead of walls," Breton said

He noted that Medinahad announced the formation of the National Housing Commission where public andprivate, and social sectors and labor unions can state their ideas and concernsto improve housing and attain the industry´s growth. “A number of proposals wereagreed upon to achieve sustained solutions to the housing deficit with highquantitative and qualitative improvement.”

Breton added that thiswill be a year of great opportunity for the sector, “these opportunities s arethere to be exploited by those who are prepared academically and humanly, and inthat manner put them at the service of the country."

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