Economy January 7, 2016 | 9:48 am

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New year brings falling prices on staples: Vendors

Santiago.- Produce andprovisions merchants in Santiago and other areas of the northern Cibao valleyon Wednesday said prices of plantains, chicken and other staples have fallen sincethe yearend activities ended.

The price of plantains rangefrom 8 to 13 pesos each in centers that distribute agro and livestock products,according to vendors polled by outlet

They said the lowerprices are normal after the holiday season concludes, since demand for thoseproducts normalizes.

They noted that a largeplantain, which had cost as much as 30 pesos in Santiago markets, fell to 13pesos.

Moreover, the vendorspredict that once the harvests in north region plantations return to normal, aplantain will cost as low as 6 pesos.

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