Economy January 8, 2016 | 1:09 pm

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Dominican exporters hail US lifts ban on fruits & vegetables

Santo Domingo.- DominicanExporters Association (ADOEXPO) president Sadhala Khoury on Friday hailed theUS Dept. of Agriculture´s decision to lift the ban on domestic fruit andvegetables resulting from the presence of the Medfly.

He called the measure goodnews for exporters and predicts an increase.

Khoury said the liftingof the ban was a result of joint efforts by the Dominican Agriculture Ministry andADOEXPO, “which will ensure that in this new year the country will receive a US$40million from exports of fruits and vegetables.”

He also asked the governmentto bolster efforts so the Haitian government also lifts its ban on Dominican productsinto its territory.

He said Dominicanexports fell 5% in 2015 when it was partly influenced by the ban, for which thepercentage will significantly change in 2016. “We encourage and promote thediversification of new markets and added value to our primary production, to aaverta significant impact on future problems that may arise with similarrestrictions.”

"If we´re fair, wehave to recognize that we were instrumental in lifting the ban on ADOEXPO´s requests.The business sector as a whole and especially the strong positions taken by Agricultureminister Angel Estevez," he said.

In a statement Khoury saidthey have more than enough reasons to feel satisfied, happy and with renewedhopes for new jobs, increased foreign currency and a boost for the economy as awhole.

He added that exportersagree that the Agriculture Ministry must provide greater protection for farm productsand issued a phytosanitary certificate to specify where they originate.

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