Economy January 12, 2016 | 3:36 pm

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Labor Ministry announces 15% hike for works in various sectors

Santo Domingo.- TheMinistry of Labor on Tuesday announced a 15% hike on the minimum wage in variousareas of the construction sector nationwide and for workers who provide healthservices, rehabilitation and education for the disabled and on third party servicesin terms of gratuity.

Labor´s National SalaryCommittee (CNS) said among the sectors benefiting from higher salaries figure pieceworkplumbing and piecework carpenters in the construction sector.

The proposed increasewas presented at several meetings held in the Ministry of Labor betweenrepresentatives of those sectors and the CNS.

The increases were approvedin compliance with Articles 452 to 464 of the Labor Code and its Rules ofProcedure No. 512, dated December 10, 1997, according to a press release.

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