Economy February 10, 2016 | 11:52 am

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Acquired rights of power companies in tourist areas must be respected

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s isolated power companies(Adosea) hailed the public and private sectors talks over the conflict in LasTerrenas, Samana (northeast), in the heels of deteriorated electricity service affectingthe tourist town.

It said it’s confident that the town will again count on qualityservice from the Luz y Fuerza power company of Las Terrenas, prior to its interconnectionto the national grid (SENI).

"There must be respect for the acquired rights andconcessions to electrical systems of tourist areas to avert unilateral actionsaffecting service consumers and tourism," Adosea said in a statement.

The entity association headed by Jesus Bolinaga said theisolated systems have supplied quality power to its customers 24-7 for decades,“thus contributing to the development of tourism as the productive sectors inthe communities in which they operate.”

It notes that Adosea members supply world class electricityto tourist resorts, “with less than 8 hours of interruptions per year,” callingfor "a quick solution” to end Las Terrenas’ recent spate of blackouts.

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