Economy February 12, 2016 | 12:35 pm

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Hemisphere experts to help beef producers on sustainability

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Ranchers and Farmers Association(ADHA), the Agriculture Ministry and the US Soybean Export Council will train beefproducers to promote the development and sustainability of the country’s beefcattle sector.

The seminar "A Dominican beef cattle for the 21stcentury" will be held February 16 and Wednesday at Ciudad Ganadera (la feria).

“The organization works with the various governmentalactors, exporters, slaughterhouses and regulatory bodies for more than a year toensure that the country meets the sanitary requirements and production requiredto achieve the export of meat cattle to the US and European markets,” ADHA saidin a statement.

The training will include Dominican, Brazilian and CostaRican experts on topics for efficient management of beef cattle farms, animalwelfare in transport and the slaughter of steer, health and traceability ofcattle breeding and fattening, pasture management, and the influence ofgenetics on quality.

It will also discuss restrictions on the use of chickenmanure and bovine meat and bone in animal feed for fattening and to fertilizepastures, grazing technology, management and reproductive innovation, tradestatistics, reality and Dominican Republic prospects for exports and on dlimatechange.

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