Economy February 18, 2016 | 2:17 pm

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Social impact prompts VICINI name swap to INICIA

Santo Domingo.- VICINI chief executive Felipe Vicini on Thursdayannounced the Group’s name change to INICIA, a decision he affirms is inspired by the vision andsocial impact of its educational investment fund.

"We inverted the surname VICINI to result INICIA, aname that reflects our heritage and at the same time represents our evolutionin asset management," Vicini said.

Both Felipe and Amelia Vicini stressed INICIA’s committedto generating long-term value for the development of Dominican Republic and theregion

Felipe Vicini said the asset management model through itsmutual funds are co-managed by specialized administrators.

"Some of these funds are: Energy and Industry managedby Putney Capital Management; Financial Services, administered by PostPartners; Real estate assets managed by TERRA RD Partners; Recovery AssetManagement managed by DAF; INICIA Education administered by Education Managers;and food and beverage advised by IBS Investment Management," the executivesaid.

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