Economy March 8, 2016 | 3:10 pm

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CEMEX Dominicana delivers study on economic & social development

Santo Domingo.- The Economy Ministry on Tuesday receivedthe results of a study conducted over 15 months by the Technological Instituteof Monterrey sponsored by CEMEX Dominicana, which identifies opportunities foreconomic and social development in the country’s provinces and municipalities.

CEMEX Dominicana president Carlos Gonzalez said he’ssatisfied for contributing with its corporate social responsibility policy topromote provincial and municipal development of a country such as the DominicanRepublic, where the biggest cement maker has operated during the last 20 years.

CEMEX Dominicana donated US$401,000 for the study whosetotal cost was US$651,000.

"We thank the Tecnologico Instituto of Monterrey forhaving shared with the Dominican government all its experience andmethodologies, tools that promote the growth of this great nation," said Gonzalez.

The agreement to conduct the study "Knowledge TransferModel and Support for the design of the Regional Program for Local EconomicDevelopment of the Dominican Republic" was signed in March 2014 by Gonzalez;Economy Minister Temistocles Montas and Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey directorAmado Villarreal.

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