Economy March 9, 2016 | 10:57 am

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Dominican Industries to put presidency candidates ‘on one stage’

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic Industries Association (AIRD)executive director Circe Almánzar on Tuesday said they’ll will bring president DaniloMedina and presidential candidate Luis Abinader together “on one stage” to voicetheir proposals to develop that sector.

The meeting called "Industrial development policies:the candidates’ proposals" Is set for Thursday next week at the Hotel Jaragua

“This is not a debate nor will there be questions,” Almánzarsaid. Instead each candidate will have 25 minutes to present the plans for the next administration.

Talking points

Medina, ruling PLD party candidate for reelection, andAbinader, of the opposition PRM, will provide details on 10 points at the of industrialists’request.

She said among industry issues figure production chains,trade policy, exports, debt, electric power, competitiveness and others. "Thiswill not only allow voters to have a vision of the candidates’ plans, but alsoserve to develop the proposed 2016-2020 industrial development."

The executive said the industrial sector will sign anagreement with the candidates’ proposals, to monitor their compliance once inoffice.

"This will allow a better development of the industryand the country in general," Almánzar said, adding that it’s is the secondmeeting of this kind which the AIRD hosts, preceded by the one held during the lastelection won by Medina over former president Hipolito Mejia.

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