Economy March 28, 2016 | 10:37 am

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IDB helps Govt. organize growth of renewable energies

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican State’s commitment torenewable energy includes studies to establish the appropriate development of projectsand areas of subsequent tenders, Energy and Mines minister Antonio Isa affirmedlast week.

He said it’s necessary to organize the renewables’ growth and"break the current scheme that hands concessions to those who request them."

He said the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), throughits Multi-Donor Fund for Energy and Climate Change will provide cooperation worthUS$400,000 to Energy and Mines.

In a press release Energy and Mines said the donation willimplement three studies leading to projects of geothermal potential, productionof biomass briquettes and to install small hydropower plants.

“The IDB’s logistical support provided to Energy and Mines staffto hire consultants is estimated at US$80,000. It stresses that the first studywill serve as a basis for developing geothermal projects in mountainous areas,where the cost of generation and distribution of conventional energy is veryexpensive.”

It said around 13% of Dominican households use firewood andcharcoal for cooking, a figure that reaches 80% in Haiti. “Hence the importanceof determining the biomass production potential in the border area, which wouldprotect the environment to prevent the felling of hundreds of trees to producecharcoal.”

Isa added that the small hydroelectric plants would lead tothe establishment of a database with the location and distribution of cataractswhich can generate electricity, as a guide for future investments in thoseprojects.

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