Economy March 30, 2016 | 10:00 am

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Utility chief admits delays in coal-fired plant’s construction

Santo Domingo.- The CEO of Dominican Republic’s State-ownedElectric Utility (CDEEE) on Tuesday admitted delays in the construction of acoal-fired power plant, being built by Odebrecht in Punta Catalina, Baní(south).

Ruben Jimenez Bichara said there’s an internal process inBrazil, which in his view, is politically-motivated, with “distorted” information.

"But obviously for there to be a link there has to bea reality and things have been falling for themselves, the project still facesdifficulties as all projects in the world and a country with so manylimitations," the official said.

He noted however that he expectsd that the plants can becompleted in a record time of four to five months.

As to a pool of banks that would finance the project, JimenezBichara said the first disbursement came in December but noted that the moneydoes go to the government. "That money goes directly to the equipmentmakers, it was conceived for that funding and that’s the way it operates."

Speaking during-ribbon cutting for a solar power plant inMonte Plata (east), the official said the next disbursement is expected in April,"according to the payout program is in the financing.”

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