Economy April 6, 2016 | 9:19 am

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New Dominican Export leadership pledge big plans

Santo Domingo.- The new president of the Dominican ExportersAssociation (ADOEXPO) on Tuesday pledged great efforts to boost exports and getmore companies to market their products and services abroad.

Alvaro Sousa, who made the promise during a ceremony to presentADOEXPO’s new Board from 2016 to 2018, also pledged support for small andmedium businesses through consultation, advice, information and statistics,which he affirms will help them trace viable export plans.

He said ADOEXPO’s plans include professional services toconstruction companies, law firms or consultants who move to other countries toprovide services, and expand their customer base.

Sousa said it’s imperative for the country to establish aNational Export Strategy to create a foundation to improve competitiveness andpromote innovation.

The business leader also hailed the Presidential Committeeon Exports, noting that he expects the promotion and meetings will continue, andthe proper functioning of the One-stop Export Window, through which “ADOEXPO/smembers can obtain competitive funding through the newly created Export Bank.”

"We are clear that the Dominican Republic has a hugeexport potential and an enviable strategic location. For this reason, we mustcontinue working hand in hand with the State, in order to create policies thatcreate a competitive structure within the various export sectors of the country."

ADOEXPO’s board alsoincludes Miguel Vega, Gabriel Roig, Franklin León, William Read Ortíz, EduardoBarceló, Luis Espinola, Gabriel Rodríguez, Carlos Singer, Méjico Angeles, Samuel Conde, Karel Castillo, Luis Concepción,Carlos González and Mario José García.

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