Economy April 8, 2016 | 11:15 am

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Crews link ends of new bridge for Metro Line 2

Santo Domingo.- The ends of the Metro Line bridge over theOzama river have been linked on Friday, while the pouring of the concrete forthe columns advances.

A group of workers are currently busy laying rails on the 800-meterlong bridge for the trains that will ply the Santo Domingo Este-National Districtroute.

The columns of the structure located between the barrio Gualeyand the Los Mina subdivision are higher than that of its neighbor Francisco delRosario Sanchez (La 17), and will be linked with the railway’s 3-kilometertunnel.

The works also advance on the four stations of Line II-Bthat will reach San Vicente de Paul Av. and will pass through several busyintersections in Santo Domingo Este.

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