Economy April 11, 2016 | 5:08 pm

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Dominican Republic-Haiti talks to resume ‘in the coming days’

Santiago.- Dominican Republic Foreign minister AndrésNavarro on Monday announced talks with Haiti government officials in the comingdays, to improve Santo Domingo-Port-au-Prince ties.

"In the coming days we will receive officially, thenew Haitian Foreign Minister Pierrot, to resume talks on how to improve ourrelations with Haiti," said Navarro after a meeting with retail, business,and industrial leaders and executives of free zone companies.

He said the Dominican Republic and Haiti will discuss theircommon problems at the talks.

At the center of the talks broken off late last yearfigured Haiti’s ban on 23 Dominican products of mass use and foods, especiallyeggs and chicken meat.

During the gathering at the Business Building and promotedby the Foreign Ministry jointly with business associations, the participantsspoke about various problems they face, stressing a lack of security, andtransparency and hurdles for greater opportunities to increase exports.

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