Economy April 14, 2016 | 3:33 pm

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Top cement maker, leading university to advance R&D on construction

Santo Domingo.- Cemex Dominicana and Intec University on Thursday signed an academic, scientific and cultural cooperation agreement, to raise the construction sector professionalism and innovation and contribute to train future professionals while developing scientific research.

The agreement aims to carry out research projects and programs jointly, with Cemex providing internships to Intec students, as well as training of professors.

The "Cemex Seminar" will be established as part of the students’ training program for further studies provided by the company on building technologies, in partnership with the university.

In addition Intec will designate a "Cemex Classroom” in its Engineering faculty building, in recognition of the company’s contributions to higher learning.

Cemex Dominicana president Carlos Emilio Gonzalez said the company has extensive experience in terms of innovation. "We have research and development centers in Switzerland and Mexico, where scientists and engineers from 23 nationalities develop innovative solutions for the sector. That’s why Cemex wants to make available to future professionals this knowledge that we consider essential to meet the challenges of sustainable development."

For his part, Intec director Rolando M. Guzman thanked the company for its support through the university’s alliance of six years. "This agreement reaffirms the spirit of collaboration between two entities leaders in their field.”

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