Economy April 14, 2016 | 8:57 am

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US envoy announces help to improve road traffic, reduce deaths

Santo Domingo.- US ambassador James Brewster on Thursday visitedthe Metropolitan Transit Authority (AMET) director Frener Arias, to discuss roadsafety, training programs, improving traffic and reduce fatalities, among othertopics.

“The meeting reaffirmed the bonds of friendship between thetransit regulatory agency and the US Embassy,” AMET said in a statement.

Bello provided details to Brewster on AMET’s variousmeasures to improve traffic in the National District downtown areas and reducefatalities on highways and roads.

For his part Brewster said his government will help Dominicanauthorities in everything relating to improving road safety and reduce accidentsand traffic deaths.

The US envoy was accompanied by US embassy securityofficial Phillippe G. Furstenberg.

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