Economy April 15, 2016 | 8:21 am

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Haiti, Dominican Republic ministers meeting ‘momentous’

Santo Domingo.- Foreign minister Andrés Navarro called the meetingThursday with Haiti counterpart Pierrot Delienne “momentous,” and that it marksthe formal resumption of the talks between both governments at the political level.

He said Haiti’s government went through a restructuring processas part of the political situation and the Dominican government has been “veryrespectful of that process.”

Speaking after a mass at Centro de los Heroes to mark the ImmigrationAgency’s 77th anniversary, Navarro said Port-au-Prince should solidify and onceits political process stabilizes, the talks between the two countries would follow.

As to Haiti’s ban on numerous Dominican products, Navarrosaid the government expects it will be lifted.

He congratulated the Haitian government because in hisview, it has sent positive signals, with both Congress and the Executive studyingthe validity of that measure.

"We have to respect that they undergo their process,but the Dominican Republic’s expectation is that it be properly reviewed andthat, in the short term, can start to show signs of lifting the restrictionsaffecting both countries."

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