Economy April 22, 2016 | 8:34 am

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CEMEX Dominicana fests 20 years, announces Egypt road project

Santo Domingo.- CEMEX Dominicana reaffirmed the commitmentto promote the Dominican Republic, where it boasts two decades of presence, withnew technologies that provide many economic and environmental benefits.

CEMEX Dominicana president Carlos E. González on Thursday announcedthe cement-maker’s participation in the first concrete highway of 35 kilometersto link Egypt’s two major economic regions: Cairo, the capital, and the port cityof Suez.

In the Dominican Republic CEMEX has paved in concrete numerousstreets and avenues at south and east region towns and greater Santo Domingo,among other projects.

"Our goal is not to be builders of infrastructure, butwhat we’ve done in Egypt instead, and we have also carried out here to boosthousing construction with formwork, we offer our experience with the intentthat local industry take these sustainable construction solutions for thebenefit of society," Gonzalez said.

The executive said after three years of workshops, studiesand discussions with Egypt‘s Roads and Bridges Authority, CEMEX obtained a permitto start the Cairo-Suez project. He said Cemex’s preparation, design capabilityand experience prompted Egyptian authorities to invest in the construction of themajor highway.

"The fact that Egypt is building together with CEMEX itsfirst concrete road is an example of the company’s vision to improve infrastructurein the countries where technology transfer is present. We aim to achieve thesesame results in Dominican Republic," said Gonzalez, who in addition tobeing CEMEX Dominicana’s country president, heads the company’s regional Infrastructureand housing areas??.

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