Economy April 28, 2016 | 4:05 pm

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Rate cut unplugs thousands of Uber drivers in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- Since Wednesday, when accessing theapplication Uber on smartphones, on the map of Santo Domingo and Santiago themessage reads "no vehicles available," and no figures of the little carsare seem, which represent vehicles awaiting a call for service nearby.

Uber drivers are on strike to protest the company’s DominicanRepublic affiliate’s decision to cut the rate for users by 30%.

On April 27 Uber sent emails to registered users the message:"As of today your trips are 30% cheaper! Know the new rates and start totravel more."

In a press release the company said it will lower rates by30% in Santo Domingo, the capital so more people can access services under thesame conditions as offered from its start.

it said the price per kilometer after 20 kilometers, will nowcost an additional RD$18.00, which will make rides outside the cities more profitableon all destinations.

The same day of the announcement the Uber "partners"started to disconnect from the application, which according to Juan Gonzalez,amounts to around 6,000 drivers in Santo Domingo and Santiago, which he affirmsare as many as 3,000is disconnected.

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