Economy May 4, 2016 | 4:57 pm

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Immigration unveils Auto-Gate to save time for travelers

Santo Domingo.- The Immigration Agency on Wednesdayunveiled the Automated Migration Control Service (Auto-Gate), to ensureeffective control of travelers and expedite the process of checking in and outof the country.

Immigration director Ruben Dario Paulino said to use the newsystem travelers must register their biometric data ata special counter at Las Americas and Cibao, as well as the agency headquarters.

He said the "Auto-Gate" system is not just a timelyinitiative, but another part of the government’s overall strategy to create a "DigitalRepublic" to modernize public administration.

"This technological breakthrough which the "Auto-Gate" system represents places the Dominican Republic at theforefront of immigration control, because only nine countries in the world havethis automated system," the official said, accompanied by Presidency chiefof staff Gustavo Montalvo.

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