Economy May 5, 2016 | 8:30 am

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Agro bank lends US$1.2B+, surpasses projection

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s agricultural bank (Bagricola)on Wednesday said it has loaned more than RD$54 billion US$1.2 billion) by the closeof April, or RD$10.0 billion more than projected for the four years of DaniloMedina’s administration.

It said funding for agro producers is sure to reach RD$60.0billion by the end of Medina’s current term in office.

"Of the total of RD$54.1 billion financed to date, RD$36.8billion was for the agricultural sector, RD$11.3 billion for livestock, RD$1.5billion for consumption and RD$4.5 billion for micro businesses,"Bagricola said in a statement.

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