Economy May 25, 2016 | 11:37 am

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Drought affected plantains and rice crops

SantoDomingo.- International organization Oxfam, through its Dominican Republicoffice, presented a report Wednesday on the effects of the drought on plantaincrops in the province of Bahoruco and rice in San Pedro de Macorís, during 2015.

Accordingto Oxfam’s Humanitarian Action Coordinator in the DR, Carlos Arenas, the report“Up to Our Necks in Drought” shows how last year’s drought had aconsiderable effect on the rice and plantain crops, leading to economic lossesfor low-income farmers.

He also commented that while the country was still suffering the effectsof the drought just two months ago, it is now experiencing flooding, which hedescribed as "a demonstration of the consequences of climate change."

Arenas called on the authorities to work to mitigate the effects ofdrought and to reduce the threat of climate change. The report was presentedduring an event held at the Sheraton Hotel.

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