Economy June 9, 2016 | 4:52 pm

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Forcepoint unveils security solutions in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- Forcepoint, world leader in cyber security,on Thursday unveiled to the press its solutions that allow organizations toenhance their business protected by transformative security technologies.

Forcepoint was born this year as a result of the successfulintegration of the companies Websense, Raytheon Cyber ??Products and Stonesoft.The new company offers a comprehensive security platform that enablesorganizations to thwart attacks and suspicious activity before they causedamage to, or poach valuable information.

Defend, detect, decide and defeat … is the 4D security whichForcepoint offer its customers.

Forcepoint Latin America executives, Pavel Orozco, directorof presales engineering and member of the CISO Office; Lilian Perdomo, Sr.Inside sales representative and Alejandro Marthi, senior sales engineerprovided explanations of the topics of theever-changing challenges that threaten cybersecurity; the current and futurelandscape of business security, and the new solutions Forcepoint offers.


In addition to hosting the news conference, Forcepoint,together with the local company CSTISA, will make a presentation to executivesand officials in charge of security in companies and government agencies Thursdayafternoon.

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