Economy June 16, 2016 | 5:01 pm

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Government nets RD$23.1M on condos seized from drug lords

Santo Domingo.- The National Anti-Money Laundering Committee(CONCLA) on Thursday auctioned off three properties seized from drug traffickers,netting RD$23.1 million for government coffers.

National Drug Council president Fidias Aristy said a totalof 14 properties, in addition to a watch and one vehicle were placed on theauction block, but only three apartments were sold.

He said all three apartments are located in the NationalDistrict, and went for RD$3.5 million; RD$2.5 million, and RD$17.1 million, thelatter bought by prominent geologist Osiris de Leon, which had been seized fromex-convict Quirino Paulino.

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