Economy June 20, 2016 | 4:00 pm

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Personalities inaugurate Dominican Week in the US

Washington DC.- Dominican Week in the United States(SemDomUSA), an initiative organized by the American Chamber of Commerce of theDominican Republic (AMCHAMDR), was inaugurated today with the raising of the Dominicanflag at the residence of Dominican ambassador to the US, Jose Tomas Perez .

Like last year, a group of 50 members of the delegation whotraveled from the Dominican Republic joined the other guests in the official residenceto start the activities aimed at stronger Republic Dominican-United States tiesand boost the country’s image with its main trading partner.

The flag-hoisting ceremony began 8am in front of the Ambassador’sresidence, where AMCHAMDR president Gustavo Tavares and Organizing Committee presidentRoberto Herrera delivered the opening remarks to the delegation.

In his keynote speech, Perez explained to the visitors the mainaspects in the current US-Dominican bilateral agenda.

"From Washington we feel like every day the ties offriendship and cooperation between the Dominican Republic and the United Statesare stronger. Following the recent celebration of the tenth anniversary ofDR-CAFTA, we could reflect on the impact of this relationship, the potentialand challenges ahead to the future. The result was positive and optimisticexpectations. The DR-CAFTA represents a major challenge for the business sectorand the Dominican government and we have full confidence in the possibilitiesof our country to look to the future and turn our economy and productive intocompetitive entities at the highest level of the international markets,"the Dominican ambassador said.

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