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Travelers prefer AutoGate security check at busy airports

Santo Domingo.- Long lines have been forming since early Mondayin front of the Immigration office, where passengers gather to register for theAutoGate biometric check which operates at Las Americas Airport and in Santiago’sCibao terminal.

People who prefer not to register in the system can still usethe inspectors to check documents when leaving or entering the country.

Immigration said no citizen is obliged to use the newsystem, but suggests it as a quicker option to be able to board their departingflight.

"I wanted to register before leaving, because I’ll bein the United States for several months and I will do so now and not have that pending,"said passenger Sandra Rodriguez, quoted by

US resident Andres Ramirez, who travels to that country severaltimes a year, said the he likes system because in his view it helps passengers speedup their departure.

Reportedly the registry remains free until the end of June,but will cost RD$995 after that.

The system has helped shorten the tedious lines of both departingand arriving passengers at Las Americas, where the check is completed withintwo or three minutes.

The biometric system records and stores data including theperson’s fingerprints and also takes a digital photo with its integrated camera.

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