Economy June 22, 2016 | 8:29 am

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Mogul says the rich can pay more taxes, not low income people

Santo Domingo.- Mogul Jose Luis Corripio on Tuesday said ifa fiscal pact has to be done, it should be based on those who can contribute morewith the state, and not with more taxes on low income people.

He said supports a fiscal pact which eliminates certain taxbreaks to increase government revenue and deal with any budget deficit withoutimposing further burdens on the low income population.

In a statement, the business leader discarded the creationof new taxes razing the existent ones taxes, including the ITBIS, which wouldbe detrimental to the low income population.

Corripio said to increase revenue the government can createmore taxes, reduce spending or eliminate some tax exemptions, but ruled out moretaxes on the population, since in his view it cannot withstand more taxburdens.

By fiscal pact should be taxed to those who can pay morethan the general population, to understand that the bulk of the population nolonger supports more taxes.

"I believe that the average income of the people doesn’tallow more levies on their income, more taxes, but what has to be done, is asense of justice that we, who have more possibilities. if a tax reform has tobe done, it should be based on those who can collaborate more with the state,"Corripio said.

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