Economy June 23, 2016 | 3:14 pm

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Climate of insecurity hobbles investment, business leader warns

Santo Domingo.- Young Business Leaders Association (ANJE) presidentOsvaldo Oller on Thursday warned that the climate of insecurity he affirms gripsthe country affects investment and the business sector.

He said while ANJE doesn’t have concrete data, he’s aware thatthe country’s lack of security has spurred multinational to stop investing orexpanding operations.

"It’s not news to anyone, much less is the perceptionthat public safety isn’t at its best in recent years and worse, how DominicanRepublic’s justice system has lost the respect of many, exacerbating this situation,"said the business leader.

He said studies have shown that the lack of safety increasescosts for companies which are forced to make large investments in privatesecurity, vigilance and surveillance equipment and other aspects to ensuretheir safety and of their employees.

Oller said incidents such as a recent attempt to place alien on the Bepensa Dominicana botting company could affect future investments.

He also announced the joint project: Public Safety’s Reflectionon the Business Climate, with the Institutionalism and Justice Foundation(FINJUS), to determine insecurity’s impact on the business sector.

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