Economy June 24, 2016 | 9:53 am

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Commonwealth Roundtable to analyze threats to foreign investment

Santo Domingo.- The president of the Roundtable ofCommonwealth Countries in the Dominican Republic on Thursday announced aseminar on legal security’s impact on investment in general, but especiallyforeign.

Fernando Gonzalez Nicolas said the seminar is organizedjointly with the binational chambers of commerce of Great Britain, Canada,Trinidad, and India. As well as with the Federation of Chambers of Commerce,FEDOCAMARAS, and the Mining and Petroleum Chamber, CAMIPE.

Gonzalez said the seminar aims to highlight legal security’sinfluence on the process to attract foreign investment into the country, notingthat foreign investment is key to achieve prosperity in the Dominican Republic.

“Singapore set the example of a Commonwealth country which leftpoverty behind in only 50 years and today is among the world’s richest and mostdeveloped countries,” the business leader said in a statement, adding that the Asiannation and other countries achieved prosperity by attracting and protectingforeign investment.

The seminar is set for July 12 from 8am to 12:00 noon, at theSheraton Hotel.

Among the speakers figure Export and Investment Center, CEI-RD,director Jean Alain Rodriguez; Dominican Foreign Investment Association, ASIEX,president Ramon Ortega; UNIBE university Master of Constitutional Law coordinatorChristopher Rodriguez; Institutional and Justice Foundation, FINJUS, vice presidentServio Tulio Castaños, among other panelists.

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