Economy June 27, 2016 | 7:33 am

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Panama Canal boosts the Caribbean: Dominican Republic leader

Panama.- President Danilo Medina on Sunday said the widenedPanama will bring more opportunities forthe Caribbean region, and lauded his Panamanian counterpart Juan Carlos Varelafor the project’s materialization.

Invited by Valera, Medina attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the Cana’s expansion project,with the crossing by a Chinese ship which carried more than 9,400 containers, promptingofficial speeches that called work a "great facilitator for trade."

The Dominican leader arrived at the Tocumen InternationalAirport at 11:25am local, where Dominican and Panamanian officials received him.

"We celebrate with Panama the implementation of the expandedcanal, which opens new doors to progress for the whole region," tweeted Medina,who congratulated the Panamanians and their president for the completion of thework that triples its traffic capacity.

"As members of SICA (Central American IntegrationSystem), we are confident that this new infrastructure will bring moreopportunities to all Central Americans."

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