Economy June 28, 2016 | 10:04 am

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Industry lauds new chiefs at Internal Taxes, Export Bank

Santo Domingo.- Herrera and Santo Domingo Industries Association(AEIH) president Antonio Taveras on Monday hailed as the designation ofeconomists Magin J. Diaz, as director of Internal Taxes (DGII), and GuarocuyaFelix as head of the National Export Bank (Bandex).

He said Diaz has obtained technically solid and measurableresults in all official positions he has held since 2002, especially in the PublicCredit Agency.

"Today our economy needs progressive transformationsin fiscal and taxation to achieve competitiveness and sustained economicdevelopment. “It’s very important to have an official with these qualities ashead of Internal Taxes.”

He said Felix’s competence will lead to export growth by adequatelyfocusing Bandex’s financial flows which the productive sectors require. "Thecountry urgently needs to improve its competitiveness in global markets andthis can only be achieved by increasing and improving our export capacity."

He said Dominican Republic’s economy has “a high degree ofopenness that has the opportunity to deliver the goods it produces to a billionconsumers through the various free trade agreements it has signed. In this taskthe Bandex is called to play a starring role."

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