Economy June 29, 2016 | 4:13 pm

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European Commission recognizes Dominican coffee variety, Efe reports

Brussels.- The European Commission (EC) today on Wednesday recognizedCafé Valdesia coffee of the Dominican Republic with a protected geographicalindication (PGI), said an EU executive statement, Efe reports.

It’s the first time the Dominican Republic receives community protection for one of its products, in this case Arabica coffee plantations in the Dominicanprovinces of San Cristobal, Peravia and San José de Ocoa.

Café Valdesia can be marketed in various forms-beans,roasted or ground. “This name will join the other 24 geographical indicationsregistered in third countries; 21 names of food products, two of wine and two ofalcoholic beverages.”

In total, 1,354 products figure in the European list whichprotects geographical indications, appellations of origin and traditionalspecialties.

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