Economy July 1, 2016 | 8:31 am

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China taps youngsters to forge ties with Dominican Republic

Beijing.- China’s government, through the Foreign Affairs Ministry,a wide range of local authorities and China Youth Federation representatives wantto establish diplomatic relations between the Dominican Republic and the Asian giant,to bolster economic, trade and cultural cooperation.

The interest was stated through various routes to therepresentatives of a delegation of young Dominican political leaders whovisited China, to attend the training program "Bridge to the Future,"sponsored by Beijing.

Dominican ruling party (PLD) member Claritza De La Cruz headedthe delegation.

The youngsters were urged to tout the Chinese government’s interestto establish formal ties with the Dominican Republic, as stated in meetingswith government officials from Beijing, Guangzhou and Zhunhai at the various trainingsessions attended by the Caribbean country’s delegates.

De La Cruz also attended meetings with youth delegationsfrom Brazil and Venezuela, to share views on the socio-political situation ofthe two South American nations.

The China, Latin America and the Caribbean third youngpoliticians forum was held June 14 in Beijing, with "The new Sino-LatinAmerican cooperative tendency" as the main topic.

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