Economy July 5, 2016 | 12:29 pm

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Public sector work schedules must change to ease traffic crunch: Poll

Santo Domingo.- The Public Administration Ministry (MAP) onTuesday disclosed the results of a survey of 4,521 civil servants on timechanges in government agencies, which found that 95% of those polled agree on adjusting work schedules in the public sector to decongest and improve traffic.

Respondents answered the question: "Do you think thata schedule change in the public sector would help ease trafficcongestion?"

When asked "Do you favorably consider theestablishment of differentiated hours in the public sector?"

The responses were 281 who said yes within the sameinstitution or 6.22%; while 64.6% (2,896) said yes for the entire public sector;while 1,291 (28.56%) said only in some agencies.

When asked if heavy vehicles, including those of governmentagencies should be limited to work at night or at dawn, 96% said yes to 4% whosaid no.

The research was released at MAP’s international seminar onsolutions to traffic congestion in the Dominican Republic.

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