Economy July 6, 2016 | 2:13 pm

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Strip us of the fuel subsidy and we walk, bus owners warn

Santo Domingo.- The country’s bus owners associationgrouped in CONATRA on Wednesdaythreatened to raise fares or park their vehicles if the government strips themof the fuel subsidy through a new fiscal pact.

CONATRA president Antonio Marte urged the government to designatea technical group to analyze the operating costs of passenger transportnationwide.

"The fuel subsidy has been a gift to those who manipulateit but not for those who use it for the benefit of passengers,” the businessleader said in a press conference at CONATRA offices.

He said the real value of a bus fare within the city is RD$48.17per passenger, according to a study presented to the government in 2014, whenthe price of diesel was RD$102 pesos per gallon. “At current prices it would bearound 60 pesos.”

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