Economy July 6, 2016 | 2:38 pm

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US$522M Export Fair contracts to create 15,000 jobs, official says

Santo Domingo.- RD Exporta 2016, the first and biggest nationalexport promotion fair held recently in the country surpassed expectations withcontracts totaling US$522 million, that will create an estimated 15,000 directjobs.

The figures result from the activity staged from June 27 to 29, whichattracted more than 1,000 buyers, 513 of which came from more than 30countries, said Dominican Republic Export and Investment Center (CEI-RD) executivedirector Jean A. Rodriguez in a press conference.

He said the results confirm that the Dominican Republic"can in fact, export" its strengthened and increasingly diverse offerwith optimal competitiveness and quality.

The official said the event served as backdrop for 3,900bilateral business meetings and more than 2,000 informal meetings, “thanks to afavorable business environment and the potential for our exporters.”

He lauded president Danilo Medina’s support for the fair’ssuccess as well as the work by Dominican diplomats in participating countries,which contributed to the event‘s results.

Rodriguez said investors had confirmed new projectsexceeding US$250 million within the next three years in renewable energy, manufacturing,industry and agribusiness.

he said the buyers hailed from Antigua and Barbuda,Bahamas, Barbados, Bonaire, Brazil, Canada, China; South Korea, Costa Rica,Cuba, Ecuador; United States, Spain, Italy, Jamaica, Japan; Morocco,Martinique, Panama, Poland, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Sweden, Trinidad &Tobago and Venezuela.

Rodriguez added the buyers were most interested in freshvegetables, construction materials such as cement, marble and ceramics, cocoa products,tobacco, textiles, garments, tropical fruits, organic foods and healthcare products,plastic articles, especially disposables, amber, larimar and handicrafts, amongothers.

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