Economy July 15, 2016 | 9:53 am

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Haiti adds red tape to import Dominican food staples

Santo Domingo.- Haiti’s Government has placed newrequirements in place for imports into that country on food staples such as flour,bouillon cubes and other forms of soups and broths.

The measure that took effect June 30 drafted by the economicare ministries restrict the entry of products to the Haitian market require animport authorization issued upon request" to the Commerce and Industry Ministry,says the notice to importers.

It says five duly authenticated documents must accompany theimport request, the first a "favorable opinion" of those agencies.

Prior to import, Port-au-Prince also requires a declarationby the Societe Generale de Suveillance SA (SGS), a multinational that provides inspection,verification, testing and certification.

Moreover the Haitian government demands Dominicanphytosanitary certificates issued by the competent authority for suppliers of industrialproducts, in this case, Dominican Republic.

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